Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Bone to Pick With McCarthy

Actually, it would be more accurate to say I have a bone to pick with some of McCarthy's supporters. John McCarthy is running for State's Attorney in the Democratic primary. Nothing wrong with that, he's a Deputy SA now and it seems logical for him to run for his boss' job (Doug Gansler is, of course, running for Attorney General). The problem I have is when supporters, especially the local political establishment, say we should vote for him because "it's his turn." It's a phrase I have heard on more than one occasion in reference to the SA race.

Huh?!? His turn? That's how we should elect our public officials, because they're next in some kind of line of succession? Well, this is one voter who couldn't disagree more! Sept 12 and Nov 7 are elections, not coronations folks.

McCarthy's opponent, Dan Fox, has some interesting things to say about the state of our State's Attorney office. Whether you agree or disagree with his assertions, the people of Montgomery County deserve an open debate on the issues, and deserve the chance to evaluate and analyze each candidate on their own merits before casting their ballots.

Oh, and one more thing before I end this little rant, I find it interesting how some media outlets seem to cover races like this (and others where the conventional wisdom says one candidate or another has things locked up). Take, for example, an article in yesterday's Gazette:
The Democrats also differ on the death penalty. Fox said he would seek it when appropriate.... "I recognize it's a legal option," McCarthy said. "I do not rule out absolutely I wouldn't. If a terrorist attack blew up the county courthouse and killed thousands of people, obviously you'd think about the death penalty."
Fox said he'd seek the death penalty when it was appropriate and, from the quotes in the article, it would seem that McCarthy would do so as well. So how do they differ again?

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