Monday, January 07, 2008

What Do You Think of My Look for the New Year?

Hey! Look! It's me... as a shepherd! Why, might you ask, am I all done up in sheep herder's garb? The infectious excitement of my 7-year old daughter, of course!

At a luncheon for new parishioners a few months ago, we learned that our church in Austin produces a play each year, just after Christmas. It's called the Boar's Head Pageant (kind of a musical, medieval Christmas tale and celebration of the Epiphany). Our daughter grabbed a piece of paper, wrote down her name and phone number and went off to sign up for a part. The lady in charge came up to us a few minutes later, just to be sure we had given our permission. And that was that.

So how did I get hooked into playing a part as well? Well, at my daughter's costume fitting last month, she asked the costume designer if she could show me her outfit before she took it off. The designer's ears perked up. "Oh, is your dad here?" I was in the next room. "How tall is he?" The next thing I know, I am being fitted for my own costume.

She was, apparently, in need of a 6'1" shepherd, much to the delight of my little girl.

There were numerous preparations and rehearsals, involving well over a hundred of our fellow parishioners (I'm guessing), all leading up to two packed performances this past weekend. I was actually surprised how much fun it was! Why didn't I ever sign up for drama in high school?

Oh, that's right. I was that shy, kind of geeky guy....


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