Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow Day!

Yes, the kids were rejoicing this morning when they heard the news that schools were closed today due to the overnight snow storm. We really didn't get much, perhaps an inch or so in our neighborhood, but that was apparently enough for the school system to cancel classes for the first time this winter.

The kids and I headed out to shovel off the porch, driveway and walk. It was easy work as the snow was the light fluffy variety (too cold for the wet, heavier stuff). Of course after a few minutes the kids decided it was more fun to throw snow at dad than actually clear the driveway! They soon realized their mistake as I retaliated by flinging shovels full of snow at them! {insert evil laugh here}

After their hasty retreat from my frozen onslaught, they decided to make snow angels on the lawn as I finished up the shoveling.

When I finished we trudged back inside to warm ourselves in the kitchen with big mugs of hot cocoa! Yum! The kids love snow days... almost as much as I do!

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