Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rockets' Red Glare

Hey - the third time is the charm! The family and I watched the Space Shuttle Discovery launch a few minutes ago. The kids cheered wildly as the solid rocket boosters ignited and they watched the ship ride that column of fire up into the sky.... Nice fireworks for Independence Day!

We talked about space and what the astronauts are doing. They thought it was cool to see Earth, with the blue ocean and clouds, from orbit (NASA tv had some shots from the space station). We watched until just after the external tank separated. How cool is it that they have live video from a camera on the tank itself?!

I've seen umpteen shuttle launches and it's still a thrill for me, and I love that the kids get excited too. Maybe it'll encourage them to tackle more math and science courses as they get older... and that's probably a good thing.


Photo credit: NASA/KSC

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